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About Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth is an internet marketer, who is the author of 100k Factory Revolution and solely owns AidanBooth.com internet marketing blog. He uses the website to share his activities with his subscribers and also to provide useful information. The website is updated on 1st of every month, since April year 2012.

Aidan Booth’s Background

Aidan  grew in a farm in a small town in New Zealand, a short distance from Masterton. He met his Argentinian wife Carolina back in 2003 in Tahoe, and they both moved to Argentina after a while where they got married. They then moved to Bueno Aires in Spain. He tried to get a job here but due to language barrier and the fact that he was on a tourist Visa, he was unable to secure one during his stay in the country. He started his online activities almost by accident, where he was looking for online works only to find a vast world of opportunities.

His First Site

His first step into internet marketing was when he created his first site back in 2005. He did not know much about creation and management of a site but he did it all the same. As expected, the site did not make him much money but at least he managed to eat and get by. In 2006, he was more conversant with the internet and was able to set up simple websites, where he would send a little traffic to these websites by using google Ad-words. This too did not make him much but he was able to get at least $30 occasionally, which was a lot to him at that point. As time went by, he eventually moved his focus from affiliate websites with traffic payment to different E-commerce sites that leveraged traffic through Google top ranking, and various paid traffic sources.

Creation Of A 100k Factory

His affiliate websites and E-commerce stores became more and more lucrative with time, making Booth go into overdrive. He hired a team from the Philippines who would crank websites for him, making him a tune of at least three new websites per day. In no time he had over 1500 websites and despite the fact that not all of them made profits, the few that did were doing good, and Booth could cover up for the failures.His factory was doing good and it is around this time that he began a partnership with Brian G. Johnson. Together, they released an internet marketing training course.

Time For Change

In 2010, Booth changed his business strategy by shutting down the “factory”, and shifted his attention to coming up with websites that would stand the test of time.


He later partnered with Steve Clayton (a former CEO of Fortune 500 company) and Tim Godfrey, which was a big step in his business. Together, they have structured the 100k Factory Revolution, which has three distinct parts:
> Niche Sites And eCommerce store
> Internet marketing Training And Coaching Services
> Small businesses marketing

The three parts are manages as different businesses, each falling in it’s own category.

Before Booth merged with Clayton and Godfrey, he had an understanding of the importance of diversifying his business, but did not have a laid out plan on how to go about it. Merging with his two partners grately impacted the face of his company for the better.

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